Have you ever really thought about life? I mean REALLY thought about it?

From the moment we are born the programming starts. The routine of everyday life is drilled into heads.

Get up, have breakfast, shower, brush your teeth then you’re off to school where the ring of a bell teaches you it’s time to end one thing and start another.

DING classes begin…DING…another class…DING another class…DING…lunchtime…DING back to class…DING it’s time to go home.

It’s now 6pm…time for dinner, a little TV, off to bed and the routine repeats. Did I really need to tell you to brush your teeth before bed? It’s probably routine by now!

The first 16-20 years of our life goes like this and we rarely question it because everyone tells us, “that’s just the way it is.”

Then work starts and the ONLY thing that changes is we substitute work for school.

But the routine continues…for the next 40 years!

And that time is spent accumulating stuff, so that people who you barely know or hardly care about look at you as successful. The bigger the house, the nicer the car, the more stuff I have, the more successful I must be and therefore the happier I will become.

But it rarely happens that way.

Well, isn’t that depressing!?

What is the point?

Where do we go from here?

Break Free From The Programming

You’ve done everything you’ve been asked. 

You went to school, you went to work, you bought the stuff, but the happiness you’ve been promised didn’t really come.

You did everything you thought you were supposed to do.

You have a wonderful spouse, successful job or business, nice stuff…but you realize something is missing.

Sure your co-workers were nice, your family has been great, your Harley Davidson looks amazing in the garage and your new car looks good parked in front of your nice house….but something is still missing.

At least it was for me.

This is where the search began for me.

This is when I started questioning what I had been doing.

How much stuff was it going to take to make me truly happy?

Wait…maybe it’s not the stuff.

What makes me truly happy? What puts a smile on my face? What makes me feel most alive?

The answer was TRAVEL!

Getting Rid of the Stuff

I honestly thought that getting rid of the stuff was going to easy because it really didn’t bring me any pleasure, but it was REALLY hard! More the small stuff, than the big stuff.

Sold the Harley and only shed a few tears. Okay, I cried like a baby, but listing it and selling it wasn’t actually that hard.

Desks, large furniture, appliances and the rest of the larger items went without a problem.

What became difficult, for me oddly enough, was getting rid of the small stuff that we interacted with every day. Electronics, office equipment, little things that I had accumulated over the years and deemed “useful.”

Most of that we wound up giving away because I felt better about giving it away than selling it. Strange right?

After it was all gone it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

There was nothing keeping me from just leaving.

Nothing holding me back.

All the excuses were gone!

Looking Back After 3 Years On The Road

After 3 years of traveling, we have met the nicest people, seen the most beautiful things (some shitty stuff too) and I can say that it has been amazing.

Our “routine” is none existent.

We get up when we want.

Eat when we want.

Travel when we want.

It’s the most happy I’ve ever been and my relationship with my wife is still going strong (not to say we don’t have our moments!).

I will add to this as we continue this journey because it is far from over and ever evolving.

There is something to be said for the “security” of the status quo, but once you Question Everything…life gets a whole lot better!