When my wife Lorena and I bought our RV 3 years ago and started “The Motorhome Experiment“, we had no clue what effect the nomadic lifestyle would have on us.

We have been to some many interesting places and met so many wonderful people while on the road and it has had a profound effect on us.

We had a few great friends in Las Vegas, where we had called home for many years, but the bonds we have made while traveling are the strongest we’ve ever made. There is something that quickly links you to fellow travelers that is hard to explain.

Maybe it’s the common destinations you’ve visited.

Maybe it’s the fact that your houses have wheels.

Maybe it’s the fact that you share the fact that tomorrow is unknown.

Whatever it is, we can definitively say that the friends we’ve met on the road will be friends for life. Whether we only see them once in a while in passing or we get to hang out with them for weeks on end, in a beautiful campground up in the mountains of Colorado.

This is what prompted me to start thinking about doing an event that we are calling The RV THING.

What if there was a way to bring people with the nomadic spirit together more often. Not every week, or even every month, but what about once a year to hang out, tell stories of the road and relive all the amazing moments that we get to have as nomads.

How cool would that be!?

We started talking about how motorcyclists, who also somewhat share the nomadic spirit, get together in several places each year and talk about motorcycles, the road and the people they’ve met along the way.

What is the reason that event doesn’t exist for RVers?

Sure there are specific clubs that have get togethers and others that have their convergences, and there is the annual Quartzsite event in Arizona, but there wasn’t one where any one and everyone could get together, talk about the road, learn about better ways to make use of tiny spaces or just listen to some classic rock music…maybe while playing B.I.N.G.O!

This is what The RV THING is all about. Sun, fun, music and chatting about travel!

We’ll have more information as we get closer to the date of the inaugural event on January 11, 2020, so check back often and see if The RV THING  is your thing.